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Retirement living financial strategies

Protect your retirement dream

If you or a loved one is looking to live independently in a retirement community, then you’re probably weighing up choices, costs and contracts. Everyone’s financial situation is different and you’ll find that each facility operates a little differently too.

Considerations for your future

Retirement communities and villages can vary in what they offer and the fees they charge. Some centres might offer independent living options only, while others might also offer aged care at the same location.

The long-term affordability of any community is affected by service charges and exit fees. If you’re downsizing from your own home into a retirement community, then you might also need to consider the impacts that the move will have on your pension.

Choices you can be confident in

Your Beacon adviser fully understands the implications of your move into a retirement community. They’ll consider your situation, help you understand the options and provide real advice at the time of your meeting. You’ll also be clear on the long-term results of your chosen strategy, as your adviser will prepare a model of your five-year cash flow.

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