residential aged care

Residential aged care advice

Guidance and clarity when it’s most needed

Many families find themselves worried and confused when the time comes to make a decision about aged care for a loved one. It can be hard to find out exactly what your options are or how to go about making things happen.

Aged care specialists who understand the big picture

At Beacon, we specialise entirely in the aged care and retirement sector. Our detailed understanding of the financial and legislative considerations ensures you’ll get the support you’re entitled to. Over time, we’ve become familiar with the facilities and opportunities available in each. Selecting the right residential aged care facility becomes straightforward with a Beacon adviser guiding the way.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed

Many people require care due to sudden changes in circumstance, such as illness or a fall. While you’re focused on health and recovery, the need to find a residential care facility adds extra worry.

Balancing the need for care with long-term financial affordability can be difficult, particularly when more complex issues such as future bequests need to be considered. Our understanding financial advisers have extensive experience in providing aged care advice and will help you identify the best financial strategy for your situation.

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